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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If you have stepped into a The Body Shop store lately, chances are that your eyes were drawn to the new colourful packaging of the Hemp Hand Protector, designed by the famous street artist Ben Eine. Perhaps you thought that this is just another 'limited-edition-but-nothing-special-really', but trust me when I say that there is much more to this LE than just a fancy cover. It's an opportunity to make a change, which is in line with The Body Shop's new manifesto.

In this manifesto The Body Shop commits to enrich and not exploit planet Earth along with its people, biodiversity and resources. No less than 14 goals were set for 2020, including developing and delivering 3 new sustainable packaging innovations, protecting and regenerating 75 million square meters of habitat, reducing the ecological footprint of their stores & products and helping 40 000 economically vulnerable people around the world to access work. I am very well aware that not everybody is too fond of The Body Shop, mostly because of their take-over by animal-testing company L'Oreal in 2006 and dubious ingredient lists. But honestly, what is not to like about this new campaign? It is a step in the right direction (at the least) and I must admit that I was genuinely impressed by this manifesto. So, I wholeheartedly hope The Body Shop reaches all targets and makes a positive change!

Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to contribute to the change? Well, you can start by treating yourself to a new hand cream! For every Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector that is sold, The Body Shop donates €1.5 to their charity department, The Body Shop Foundation, which strives to collect £300,000 in order to protect and enrich our planet with its oceans, animals and people. How the donations will be distributed over these different causes depends (partially) on you! For every LE Hemp Hand Protector you buy, you can vote for the cause that is closest to your heart. The issue that gains most votes will get the largest part of the donations (50%), the issue which comes in second will receive 30% of the monies and the third will receive the remaining 20%.

Since its launch in 1998 the Hemp Hand Protector grew out to be The Body Shop's best-seller, of which one is sold every minute. Each 100 ml tube is filled with the cold-pressed oil of 950(!) hemp seeds that are full of essential fatty acids, to hydrate even the driest and roughest hands. To be honest, I never would have guessed that the hemp hand cream is The Body Shop's best selling product. But that was before I tried this product myself. The texture of the cream is quite thick and my hands feel a little greasy immediately after applying, but soon after my hands feel hydrated and soft as a baby's bottom. A little goes a long way, so you don't have to apply too much for ultimate hydration. In addition, I really like the screw cap, because it makes me feel more certain that the tube won't burst open in my bag (been there).

If not just your hands, but some other parts of your body could use a moisture-boost, then the Hemp Rescue Balm could come in handy for you. I often use this balm-to-oil product to moisturize my elbows, knees and some dry patches on my feet and shins. It's best to give your skin some time to take up the product, so don't jump into your clothes immediately after applying as you will probably still feel a little greasy. Perhaps you were wondering if the products from the Hemp collection smell like dope. Fortunately, they don't! The scent of these products is quite herbal and a little masculine in my opinion, so I have to admit it's not my favourite perfume. The boyfriend on the other hand is a big fan. There is no arguing about matters of taste ;).

Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector - €13
Hemp Rescue Balm - €18

Lots of love,

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