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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hi lovelies!

Unfortunately it is not always an easy task to get your hands on high-quality cruelty free or vegan products here in Belgium. Popular brands like Pacifica, Alba Botanica, 100% Pure and Dr. Bronner's are not available in Belgian stores, whereas e.g. Physicians Formula, Human+Kind and Real Techniques are often sold here at higher prices than in most other countries. So thank God for international webshops! I discovered the website recently and was really impressed by their competitive prices, wide product range and cheap shipping options.

I got across while I was on an online hunt for some new brushes. At the time I found, Real Techniques brushes were 20% off and I got an extra €4.5 discount for placing my first order, making the price for the Real Techniques deluxe gift set only about €10. An absolute bargain, since I would have payed over €30 if I wanted to purchase the same set here in Belgium or at another webshop. While I was browsing through the website, I noticed that Physicians Formula products cost way less than in Belgian stores so it was the perfect opportunity to try something from this brand. Their mascaras had already caught my attention - not only do they look very cute but they are also 100% natural so I just had to buy one!

It took merely 12 day for my package to arrive, which is quite fast for flat rate shipping (€3.10) and the products were packed with care so everything arrived in perfect condition. The total of my order was less than €22 (products and shipping) so I didn't have to pay extra for customs fees. These costs can turn out to be very high so make sure to check the conditions that apply for your country if you would like to order. Tip: divide your wishlist over multiple 'shopping carts' and make separate orders to keep your order total lower than the customs fee limit.

My first experience with went really well, so I am quite sure that I will shop with them again. I am dying to try some Pacifica products, cruelty free deodorants and perhaps some vegan cookies. Have you ever ordered something from this website? Tell me about your experiences and/or must-buys!

Lots of love,

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